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Monday, October 28, 2013

Gather Your Heart Dress

Two new styles, 
French inspired vintage Hollywood Gather Your Heart Dress

French Impressionist Gather Your Heart Dress $190

Gorgeous Vintage. Fabrics

On the occasion, I am given fabric from women who have collected lengths of various fabrics over a period of many years. One day a lady came into my studio with an arm full of vintage fabric her mother had been storing since the 1930's. She was more than happy to give this stash a new home, and I was more than willing to be the new owner. 
This dress is made from a piece she gave me, it is a beautiful cotton fabric with a slight twill. You don't see fabric like this these days, which is a shame, as it is just beautiful. The print is gorgeous too, so I could not resist making this up into a vintage style dress dating from the 40's 

New Studio in the heart of Alstonville

Vintage Stitches is now located in its new cottage studio. I feel so blessed to have found such a gorgeous place, it is an old restored cottage which makes my heart swoon, I adore this era, and everything about the character and charm of my cute vintage cottage studio,
Located at 17a Green Street, Alstonville.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Rozzies graduation dress

 Roz, my niece asked me to make her graduation dress, this is my progress. She found a design she liked in a book, so from here I made a pattern and worked throughout the day , designing as we went , not really sticking to the original design she had chosen.