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Monday, October 28, 2013

Gather Your Heart Dress

Two new styles, 
French inspired vintage Hollywood Gather Your Heart Dress

French Impressionist Gather Your Heart Dress $190

Gorgeous Vintage. Fabrics

On the occasion, I am given fabric from women who have collected lengths of various fabrics over a period of many years. One day a lady came into my studio with an arm full of vintage fabric her mother had been storing since the 1930's. She was more than happy to give this stash a new home, and I was more than willing to be the new owner. 
This dress is made from a piece she gave me, it is a beautiful cotton fabric with a slight twill. You don't see fabric like this these days, which is a shame, as it is just beautiful. The print is gorgeous too, so I could not resist making this up into a vintage style dress dating from the 40's 

New Studio in the heart of Alstonville

Vintage Stitches is now located in its new cottage studio. I feel so blessed to have found such a gorgeous place, it is an old restored cottage which makes my heart swoon, I adore this era, and everything about the character and charm of my cute vintage cottage studio,
Located at 17a Green Street, Alstonville.