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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Remaking a vintage wedding dress

This very cute dress was found in an op shop about 15 years ago by a lady who brought it into my       studio, hoping it could be remade. 
I always love a challenge and the thought of remaking such a gorgeous dress was something I couldn't resist. 
The dress is made from silk chiffon, silk organza and satin, with very cute 
Flowers stitched to the bodice and skirt.
The new version of the original dress, 
Just gorgeous :) 

I love the fullness this dress has with the freshness from the fabric
Compared to the flat worn look of the original dress. 

The flowers really finish this dress off beautifully.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Just For Me

Occasionally I have a chance to do my own sewing
I took advantage of some unexpected spare time
to use up a remnant piece of fabric.

A cute little knife pleat skirt that is beautifully teamed 
up with a red bolero and belt.
Not to mention the ipad cover , lol....

Vintage Stitches wedding day :)

 My gorgeous man and I were married on a very special
Valentines day.

We had an absolutely gorgeous day,
Married at our house in our back yard 
Under a shady tree scattered with hanging love hearts.
As always my own sewing is pushed to the back of the list,
So,it wasn't a shock to finish my wedding dress the night
Before our wedding.
A few years ago I. Found a treasure trove of vintage lace 
In a hat box at a garage sale.
I knew that this would one day be the perfect wedding dress.
Some lace had dated from 1920, it had been carefully wrapped
around pieces of cardboard and stored away,
especially for me :) 

Craig and Netty 

Blue, Green and Yellow floral Frock

I had the pleasure of making this gorgeous frock for Sharyn,
Who was wanting a vintage inspired dress
To wear to her daughters wedding.
She was so happy to have a dress made to fit her perfectly. 

                               This bodice is an adaptation of another one of my cotton frocks.
 Sharyn and I worked together on a design that she 
Was happy with which also complimented her figure.

Cotton Tea Frocks

Wearing dresses is beautiful! 

I must admit, I am a dress freak.
Feminine, pretty, comfortable, timeless, 
Romantic and practical as well.
A properly made dress can last a lifetime.
I have a few dresses that were made in the 1950's 
And they still are gorgeous dresses to wear.

Fabrics also make such a difference with each dress. 
I am loving the quilting cotton for the perfect dress.
There are so many beautiful prints and colour to choose from, 
The quality of quilting cotton is also extremely good
In comparison to many other fabrics. 

A new design I have been working with is pictured here,
The dress has a front bodice and skirt panel which is cut all in one.
The fitted bodice is stitched together with piping.
in the seams and around the waist. 
The skirt is pleated and sits beautifully over the hips.

Bridal Gown alterations

One of my favourite things to do in my studio is Bridal wear. Frequently I am called by brides to be who have a dress which is a bad fit. Often these stresses are bought online, or they are second hand dresses bought at a special price.
Belinda came to see me with her dress which was a few sizes too big. She also wanted to make some changes to the fullness of the skirt, which had many layers of tulle she did not want.

Here she is now with a perfectly fitted Bridal Gown. It is very rewarding to see the dress fit as it should and even more rewarding to see a happy Bride to be.

Tom & James, aka, Hamish & Andy :)

These crazy fun guys arrived at my studio with the idea of impersonating Hamish and Andy's wacky "fashionista" humour for Toms birthday party. So the measurements were taken, fabrics discussed and  pictures of the " Safari Suits" studied.... Haha, such a laugh making these outfits.

The fabric is a poly stretch. I used a black satin cord, which was stitched onto the fabric to impersonate the pockets and collar. Added belt loops and made a separate belt with a plastic belt buckle. Lol.... Classic!

Gorgeous Mother of the Bride frock.

Some days I am blessed with beautiful designs and fabrics brought to me by creative ladies who wish to see them transform into reality. I really love working together with these ladies who are excited to see their own design come to life.

This dress was especially fun to work with, the fabrics complemented each other so well. The bodice is made up of many chiffon rosettes, softly sitting together looking adorable. The skirt is a soft chiffon layer gathered over a satin underskirt.  Finished with a sewn in satin sash around the waist.