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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cotton Tea Frocks

Wearing dresses is beautiful! 

I must admit, I am a dress freak.
Feminine, pretty, comfortable, timeless, 
Romantic and practical as well.
A properly made dress can last a lifetime.
I have a few dresses that were made in the 1950's 
And they still are gorgeous dresses to wear.

Fabrics also make such a difference with each dress. 
I am loving the quilting cotton for the perfect dress.
There are so many beautiful prints and colour to choose from, 
The quality of quilting cotton is also extremely good
In comparison to many other fabrics. 

A new design I have been working with is pictured here,
The dress has a front bodice and skirt panel which is cut all in one.
The fitted bodice is stitched together with piping.
in the seams and around the waist. 
The skirt is pleated and sits beautifully over the hips.

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