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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tom & James, aka, Hamish & Andy :)

These crazy fun guys arrived at my studio with the idea of impersonating Hamish and Andy's wacky "fashionista" humour for Toms birthday party. So the measurements were taken, fabrics discussed and  pictures of the " Safari Suits" studied.... Haha, such a laugh making these outfits.

The fabric is a poly stretch. I used a black satin cord, which was stitched onto the fabric to impersonate the pockets and collar. Added belt loops and made a separate belt with a plastic belt buckle. Lol.... Classic!


  1. Hi Annette,

    We love the replica outfits that you've made and were wondering if you'd be keen to knock up a few more. You see my Fiancé and I are getting married on New Years Eve and we have a very different theme for our wedding, it's "I can't believe you wore that to our wedding". Anyway, after the ceremony we wanted to dress up for the reception and love the idea of the Hamish and Andy Safari suits. We are looking for the same design however my outfit would resemble a tux and the bride's would resemble a wedding dress. If this sounds like something you'd like to do then we can send you some photos.

    Jason and Crystal

    1. Hello Jason and Crystal, unfortunately I am booked out till after Christmas and would not have time to make these outfits for you.
      You could try a local dressmaker and see if it is possible to have these made. Most dressmakers should be able to replicate these for you.

  2. Hi Annette,

    I'm actually looking to get one of these made for my boyfriend's birthday - it's a fancy dress theme and he's obsessed with Hamish and Andy. Is this possible?


  3. It is possible, if you like you can email me for details on price and when you want the outfit for, as I am booked out till next year.
    My email is.,
    Regards, Netty