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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Vintage Stitches wedding day :)

 My gorgeous man and I were married on a very special
Valentines day.

We had an absolutely gorgeous day,
Married at our house in our back yard 
Under a shady tree scattered with hanging love hearts.
As always my own sewing is pushed to the back of the list,
So,it wasn't a shock to finish my wedding dress the night
Before our wedding.
A few years ago I. Found a treasure trove of vintage lace 
In a hat box at a garage sale.
I knew that this would one day be the perfect wedding dress.
Some lace had dated from 1920, it had been carefully wrapped
around pieces of cardboard and stored away,
especially for me :) 

Craig and Netty 

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  1. Just loved watching these photos. Wedding is truly most important day and couple cherish this day for entire life. That’s why they want to make it a unique ceremony. At one of garden Los Angeles wedding venues we also tied wedding knot in last month and had made all décor on our own. They gave personal touch to everything in our ceremony.